Talks and presentations

Text summarization using encoder-decoder frameworks

December 05, 2020

Talk, PyData Patna Conference, IIT Patna, India

Gave a talk on “Text summarization using encoder-decoder frameworks” at the PyData Conference held virtually at IIT Patna in collaboration with IEEE India. Due to the increasing about of data over the internet, preparing smart systems that can prepare gist of large text documents is becoming important. Hence, in this talk, I choose to speak on the topic of automatic abstractive text summarization using encoder-decoder frameworks. I’ll prepare a short presentation about RNNs and these encoder-decoder frameworks, followed by a simple demo.

Multimodal Emoji Prediction

September 10, 2019

Talk, Tutorial Block, IIT Patna, Patna, Bihar

This meetup was held under ML/AI Meetup programme under Developer Student’s Club - IIT Patna. My presentation was based on the topic - “Multimodal Emoji Prediction”, where I discussed the techniques utilized by Barbieri et al. 2018 to solve the SemEval 2018 Task 2 (Multilingual Emoji Prediction). The presentation was followed by discussion on possible new techniques that can be implemented in this domain.